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Classic Movies

Classic Movies : A wide range of movies as well as made for tv movies!

Classic Television

Classic Television : A wide variety of classic television shows.

Includes individual episodes, variety specials, celebrity roasts, made-for-tv documentaries and much, much more!

Dean Martin


Dean Martin is probably one of the most underrated performers of the 20th century, a lot of his movies and most of his television work is unavailable on DVD at the moment.

Remember his classic movies like Something Big, Showdown, the Matt Helm pictures, Pardners, Mr. Ricco, Cannonball Run? Not to mention his finest television moments: The Dean Martin Show, Half Nelson (with Joe Pesci), Dean Martin and The Moonshiners, Angels in Vegas, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, Sinatra and Friends, Rawhide etc...

I have therefore dedicated an entire section to The King of Cool and his greatest celluloid and videotape moments for all you Dino lovers out there. 

Dean Martin DVD page

The Dean Martin DVD section:


'something big'    'Dean Martin Show'    'Murderer's Row'       'Kiss Me, Stupid'       'The Silencers'          

Tom Jones


One of the greates voices in the world and definetely Wales' greatest export product.

While his Canadian Coast to Coast tv-shows have been put out on DVD a zillion times by as many different company's, The Tiger did a lot of other series & tv-specials (This is Tom Jones, The Right Time, Born to be me, An audience with Tom Jones...) of which only a handful have ever seen a DVD-release.

Feel free to toss your panties at the special TJ-section!

Tom Jones DVD page

The Tom Jones DVD section:


'An Audience with TJ'     'The Jerky Boys'    'Together in Concert'  'Glastonbury 2009'   'Sunday Night Project'

William Shatner


While he may be the best known starship captain in the entire galaxy, The Shatmeister also had a lot of other acting jobs, some memorable and some not-so-memorable. Bill's acting output has been so enormous over the years, the man deserves a section of his own!

It's not just Star Trek but also TekWar, T.J. Hooker, The Barbary Coast, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, etc...

Shatner's movie credits include Kingdom of the Spiders, Airplane 2, Dodgeball, Incubus, Free Enterprise, White Comanche, Miss Congeniality, Showtime and many more!

William Shatner DVD page

The William Shatner DVD section:


       'Mind Meld'        'Miss Congeniality'   'Star Trek Memories'    'Osmosis Jones'       'Kingdom of the Spiders'

Elvis Presley


Probably the biggest recording artist of all-time, The King of Music's lesser known film and television appearances (Charro!, Change of Habit, Elvis in Concert, Stay Away, Joe, Live a little,love a little...) are also his best! 

Not to mention such great documentaries like Behind the image, Hot shots and cool clips, Paternity suit, The Elvis Files, Elvis The Colonel & Me, The Last 24 Hours and many more.

Browse the Elvis section and see what you're missing out!

Elvis Presley DVD page