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Spotlight on... Uschi Digard: The Toy Box

Posted by Rare DVD on April 8, 2014 at 9:30 AM

The Toy Box is an utterly bizarre mix of sex and horror, and I fully admit to watching it only because Uschi Digard is in it, as I’ll see anything to which she and her charms lent time. Uschi isn’t the star, but she does have the film’s most memorable scene. (Seriously, have you seen her? How could she not?)

The story is about an old scraggly guy who looks not unlike Burl Ives. He has no eyes, sits in a dark room and telepathically has various young people carry out his most twisted sexual fantasies. Said fantasies include having a woman pleasure herself with a new dildo (“It turns on easy,” she says. “Hopefully it will do the same for me.”); having a fat guy butcher and copulate with dead women; and having a bunch of partygoers have an all-out orgy, despite the severed heads that pop up from nowhere and bodies that fall dead without explanation. In Uschi’s aforementioned scene, she goes to bed, only to have the bed come alive to feel her up and before you know it, she’s screwing the sheets.

The Toy Box boasts a must-be-seen-to-be-believed twist ending, and now you can see for yourself. The Toy Box is a fan made DVD-R with fantastic cover art. It was sold at movie & collector's fairs for a short time and we snatched up a limited supply of copies which we are now offering on our website.

It's definitely Uschi at her best!


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