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I have created this page to display some of the rarest movies and television shows that are out on dvd. Some of the DVD's are commercially available worldwide, some of them have been long out of print, and some have never even seen a commercial release.

The dvd's that are commercially available can be ordered here directly from the site. For a small selection of items go to the webstore or simply click the PayPal Buy-it-now button next to each individual dvd description. You will be taken directly to the PayPal checkout page for a quick and easy payment and a very swift delivery. Note that all items have free shipping worldwide!

I've been collecting for a long time and although there is a tremendous amount of material available on DVD and Blu-Ray disc, there are still a lot of unreleased gems that have never even seen an official release.

Since it is unlikely that some of these films and shows will get a proper release, I have included them on the website to let you all know the wealth of entertainment that is out there.

If you have any questions, comments, requests, if you're looking for something in particular or if you have material you wish to sell or trade, please do not hesitate to contact me on the following e-mail adress: RareDVD1@aol.com 


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I believe these particular shows/commercials/airings/etc.

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