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Spotlight on... Uschi Digard: The Toy Box

Posted by Rare DVD on April 8, 2014 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Toy Box is an utterly bizarre mix of sex and horror, and I fully admit to watching it only because Uschi Digard is in it, as I’ll see anything to which she and her charms lent time. Uschi isn’t the star, but she does have the film’s most memorable scene. (Seriously, have you seen her? How could she not?)

The story is about an old scraggly guy who looks not unlike Burl Ives. He has no eyes, sits in a dark room and telepathically has various young people carry out his most twisted sexual fantasies. Said fantasies include having a woman pleasure herself with a new dildo (“It turns on easy,” she says. “Hopefully it will do the same for me.”); having a fat guy butcher and copulate with dead women; and having a bunch of partygoers have an all-out orgy, despite the severed heads that pop up from nowhere and bodies that fall dead without explanation. In Uschi’s aforementioned scene, she goes to bed, only to have the bed come alive to feel her up and before you know it, she’s screwing the sheets.

The Toy Box boasts a must-be-seen-to-be-believed twist ending, and now you can see for yourself. The Toy Box is a fan made DVD-R with fantastic cover art. It was sold at movie & collector's fairs for a short time and we snatched up a limited supply of copies which we are now offering on our website.

It's definitely Uschi at her best!


Spotlight on... Uschi Digard

Posted by Rare DVD on January 11, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

DD-cup drive-in star sextraordinaire Uschi Digard reigns as one of the most awe-inspiring actresses to ever electrify a cinema screen. As a frequent collaborator with boobie connoisseur Russ Meyer, she was a signature starlet in some of his most mouth-watering features like Cherry, Harry & Raquel! (1970), Supervixens (1975), Up! (1976), and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979). She cemented her status as perennial Skin favorite with her legendary pressed-mams scene in the over-the-top(less) comedy The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977).


Her heavy Swedish accent is heard in a brief speaking part in Cherry, Harry & Raquel!

Digart was cast in Russ Meyer's Cherry, Harry & Raquel! to provide the denouement in a final interpretive dance scene symbolizing the death of the protagonist. This plot devise was necessitated after the lead actress left the shoot early and 20 minutes of footage was needed to complete the film. She soon became a favorite of Meyer whose obsession with "well cantilevered" women is legendary. Digart would go on to appear in three more of Meyer's films in the 1970s. She was an associate producer in two of his movies (as well as in another sex comedy). Digart and Meyer's relationship was reportedly never intimate.



Spotlight on... Serena Grandi

Posted by Rare DVD on June 17, 2011 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Serena Grandi was born in Bologna. Some films credited her as Vanessa Steiger. She started her acting career in 1980 playing a supporting role in the comedy La Compagna di viaggio by Ferdinando Baldi.

In 1980 she played the role of Maggie in the controversial film The Anthropophagous Beast, directed by Joe D'Amato. This film is well known among horror movie fans for its extreme gore sequence. After several films, she took a starring role in Tinto Brass' Miranda, which gave her the status of a superstar in her native Italy.

Also in 1985 Serena played Simona in La Signora della Notte (Lady of the Night). Simona is a leotard-wearing aerobics instructor who is tired of her marriage to Mario. She has a few, dangerous sexual liaisons. Her husband find outs and has an affair in retaliation. Simona decides to move on in her life and away from her marriage. She sees a gynecologist in the hopes of having a child. After a brutal and unwanted assault, Simona becomes dissatisfied with this new life and returns to the life she originally turned away from.

Through the 1980s, she made nearly 20 films, appearing in sexy comedies, sword epics such as Avventure dell'incredibile Ercole and some horror films. In 1987 Lamberto Bava gave her the role of Gloria in his film, Le foto di Gioia.

In 1998 she made one of her last movies, Monella (Frivolous Lola). This film is a renewal of her formerly successful partnership with Tinto Brass. She plays Zaira, Lola's mother. This film focuses on young Lola and her fiance Masseto, who have differing views on premarital sex. Lola eventually falls into a relationship with Zaira's boyfriend, who is also a pornographer.

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Spotlight on... Monella

Posted by Rare DVD on May 24, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This is Tinto Brass' most delightful film, full of vitality and joie de vivre. There is practically no plot. Lola (Anna Ammirati) wants to experience sex. Her puritanical boyfriend, Masetto (Mario Parodi), does not. He wants her chaste until their wedding. But Lola is so achingly beautiful and gaminely charming that even celibate priests can't help looking twice and staring in rapt adoration. Ordinary mortals lust for her in much more sinful ways. So it comes as no surprise that Lola gets her wish. The film is a zesty celebration of life. It leaves you feeling refreshed, happy and puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day. It is NOT porn. It is Italian erotic comedy at its finest. It is sad that many viewers today cannot see the beauty of such films anymore, films that celebrate the beauty of the female form, the joys of sex, and ultimately, the simple fact of being alive.

Anna Ammirati is absolutely gorgeous as the winsome and irrepressible Lola. The camera cannot get enough of her. The 1950s-influenced soundtrack contributes much to the happy feel of this film. From the upbeat title track, "Mona Monella," sung by Anna Ammirati herself (during the bicycling sequence and the end credits) to the half dozen other gems, including the infectious and very danceable "Mambo Italiano," to American classics like "Be Bop A Lula," "Let's Twist Again" and "In the Mood," the songs breathe with the sunny nature of this happy film.

You can view the Monella theme song here:


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something big

Posted by Rare DVD on January 21, 2010 at 3:09 AM Comments comments (6)

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the 'something big' DVD which is listed on the website.

It is a dvd-r disc of this very rare and never commercially released comedy western starring Dean Martin and Brian Keith.

It is usually being sold on a collector to collector basis.





something big takes place in the Old West, ca.1870. Joe Baker, leader of a motley gang, wants to do "something big" -- a big heist, perhaps rob a Mexican treasure city; to do that, he'll need a Gatling Gun. Outlaw Jonny Cobb, notorious rogue and scoundrel, can get his hands on a Gatling Gun-- but what this lonely outlaw (hiding out in New Mexico territory, because he's wanted in every state) really wants is a woman. And so, an unholy deal is made: Jonny Cobb tells Joe Baker, "Well, I'll trade ya that thar Gatlin' Gun for a woman." Joe Baker desperately tries to find a woman in the desert (which seems devoid of womenfolk)-- but when Baker and his gang foolishly kidnap Colonel Morgan's wife for Jonny Cobb, the whole U.S. Cavalry comes gunning for them.


'somethig big' theme song by Burt Bacharach:

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